Sun Summit (TSX.V: SMN, OTCQB: SMREF) Closes $5M Brokered Private Placement

Excellon Resources (NYSE/TSX: EXN) Adds a Second Rig to Silver City

Sailfish (TSX.V: FISH, OTCQX: SROYF) Signs Agreement with Osisko Gold Royalties (NYSE/TSX: OR) to Fully Monetize the NSR on the Tocantinzinho Gold Project for US$10M

Exploration Moves: Millennial Precious Metals (TSX.V: MPM) drills 30 m of 2.8 g/t Au at Red Canyon, Nevada

Exploration Moves: Sonoro Gold (TSX.V: SGO) Reports Surface Sampling Materially Extends Oxide Gold Mineralized Zones

Financing Moves: Troilus Gold (TSX: TLG) Raises $56.15M Via a Bought Deal & a PP with The Government of Quebec

Q2 Moves: Excellon Resources (NYSE/TSX: EXN) Produces 487,009 ounces of Silver Equivalent

Sierra Madre Gold & Silver (TSX.V: SM) Acquires the La Tigra Project in Nayarit, Mexico

Phenom Resources Corp. (TSXV: PHNM) (OTCQX: PHNMF) Identifies a Chargeability Anomaly on Section 22, 1 mile North Carlin Gold-Vanadium

Latest To Market: NevGold (TSX.V: NAU) Closes $6.3M Financing. Focused on Finding the Next Multi-million-ounce Deposit

Mining Moves: Mako Mining (TSX.V: MKO) (OTCQX: MAKOF) Declares Commercial Production Effective July 1, 2021

Mining Moves: Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Receives Update From the Ministry of Mines

Analyst Report: Equity Research, The Swiss Research Group Talks up Sonoro Gold (TSX.V: SGO)

Financing Moves: Sun Summit (TSX.V: SMN) Announces $4M Marketed Private Placement

Sun Summit (TSX.V: SMN) Hit 87m of 1.13 g/t Gold Eq. Within 409m of 0.52 g/t Gold Eq.

Exploration Moves: Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Hits 1m of 17.3g/t Gold (Phase 2, 10,000m Drill Program)

Exploration Moves: First Vanadium (TSX.V: FVAN) Resumes Drilling at Carlin, Nevada

Financing Moves: Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Closes $12M Bought Deal

Corporate Update: Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Provides Guidance for H2 2021

Tsodilo Resources (TSX.V: TSD) Renews BK16 Diamond License for 2 years, Botswana

Exploration Moves: Granada Gold (TSX.V: GGM) drills 16.5 m of 12.61 g/t Au at Granada, Quebec

Mining Moves: Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Sign LOI with New Gold (TSX: NGD) to increase Tonnage Limit to 350,000 per annum

Granada Gold (TSX.V: GGM) Gets 10 Year Extension on Mining Lease BM 852 at the Granada Mine Property

Millennial Precious Metals (TSX.V: MPM) Hits from surface 4.54 g/t Gold over 54m oxide incl. 9.18 g/t Au over 22m from the Red Canyon

Exploration Moves: NSJ Gold (CSE: NSJ) Hits 7.93 g/t Gold, 1.61% Copper & 25.7% Fe Over 4.57m From Near Surface, Arizona

Mining Moves: Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Provides Construction Update at Elk

Exploration Moves: Sun Summit (TSX.V: SMN) Hits 7.6m of 6.35 g/t AuEq at Buck

Market Moves: Millennial Precious Metals (TSX.V: MPM) Raises $24M & Commences 20,000m Multi-Phase Drill Program

Nexus Gold (TSX.V: NXS) Begins Exploration Program at Gummy Bear, Newfoundland

Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Receives Draft Mining Permit & Announces $10M Bought Deal Financing

Excellon Resources (TSX/NYSE: EXN) Outlines 2021 Silver City Drilling Program

Management Moves: Bald Eagle (TSX.V: BIG) Strengthens Board and Advisory Team

Gold Moves: Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Signs 3 MOUs With Indigenous Communities Surrounding Elk

Caesars Report: Sierra Madre Gold & Silver (TSX.V: SM) Targeting a Rapid Resource Expansion, Mexico

Exploration Moves: Nexus Gold (TSX.V: NXS) Drills 24.7m of 4.05 g/t Gold at McKenzie, Red Lake

Gold Moves: Sonoro Gold (TSX.V: SGO) Will Be A Near Term Producer, Mexico

Mining Moves: Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Updates PEA, Increases NPV by 21% & Decreases AISC by 25%

Exploration Moves: Excellon (NYSE/TSX: EXN) Commences Drilling at Oakley

Acquisition Moves: Hawkmoon Acquires The Lava Gold Property in the Belleterre Gold Camp, Quebec

Exploration Moves: Nexus Gold (TSX.V: NXS) Hits 136m of 1.25 g/t Gold, Incl. 44.9m of 3 g/t Gold

Mako Mining's (TSX.V MKO) (OTCQX: MAKOF) San Albino Averages 982 Tonnes-per-day Since April

$BIG News: Bald Eagle Intercepts 209.6 metres of 0.55 g/t Gold in Nevada

Hawkmoon Resources (CSE: HM) To Drill 5,000 Metres at Wilson

Resource Talk: Sailfish Royalties (TSX.V: FISH) Releases Inferred Resource of 22.4Moz at 245.6 g/t Silver Eq. on Gavilanes

Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Increases Elk M&I Resource by 43% to 651,000oz at 6.1 g/t Gold

Granada Gold (TSX.V: GGM) Hits Massive Rare Earth & Alkali Metals Zone 1.6Km From Discovery Hole

Sun Summit (TSX.V: SMN) Drills 4m of 31.6 g/t Gold & 0.78 g/t Gold over 186m, incl. 1.07 g/t gold over 109m at Buck

Mako Mining (TSX.V: MKO) samples up to 43.5 g/t Gold at La Segoviana

Sierra Madre (TSX.V: SM) Samples 7.43 g/t Gold, 648 g/t Silver at Tepic

Hawkmoon (CSE: HM) Applies for Drill Permit on Wilson

Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN OTCQB: GMTNF) Keeps Crushing Milestones, Gets NoD To Start Elk Mine Construction

Nubian (TSX.V: NBR) Exploration Update for Yandoit Gold, Located in the World's Best Address for High-Grade Gold

Unigold (TSX.V: UGD) Releases Exciting PEA on Candelones

Bald Eagle (TSX.V: BIG) Acquires Hercules Silver Property, Located in Idaho

Hawkmoon (CSE: HM) Acquires Wilson option from Cartier (TSX.V: ECR)

Excellon (NYSE/TSX: EXN) Drills 6.5 m of 1,293 g/t AgEq at Platosa

Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN OTCQB: GMTNF) Hits 1.3m of 13.3 g/t Gold

Sierra Madre (TSX.V: SM) Hits the Ground Running, Developing a World-Class Asset

Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Hits All-Time Highs & Insiders Continue to Buy

Bald Eagle (TSX.V: BIG) Defines Discovery of an Epithermal System

Latest Gold IPO: Hawkmoon Resources (CSE: HM) Commences Trading, Focused on Quebec Gold

NSJ Gold Corp. (CSE: NSJ) (FSE: 9PZ) Drilling Continues at Golden Hills

Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) Drills 1.42m of 37 g/t Gold

Unigold (TSX:UGD OTCQX:UGDIF) Gold Discovery In The Caribbean

Bald Eagle (TSX.V: BIG) Drills 5 Holes at Hot Spring JV

Nexus Gold (TSX.V: NXS) Hit 8m of 1.13 g/t Au at Dakouli 2

Canada Silver to Bring Re-20X Process to Granada Gold (TSX.V:GGM)

NSJ Gold (CSE: NSJ) Commences Drilling In Arizona

Mako Mining (TSX.V: MKO) Hit 4.4m of 24.02 g/t Gold

Nexus Gold (TSX.V: NXS) Complete Airborne Survey On New Pilot

Sun Summit (TSX.V: SMN) Completed Over 4,000m, With Visible Gold Showing

Granada (TSX.V:GGM) Discovers Rare Earth - 13.5 ppm Cs, 101ppm Rb

Latest Gold IPO: NSJ Gold Corp. (CSE: NSJ)

Gold Mountain (TSX.V: GMTN) To Test Underground Mining Potential

Granada Files Updated 43-101 High-Grade Mineral Resource Estimate

Mako Mining (TSX.V: MKO) Drills 1.5m of 62.04g/t Au at San Albino

Sailfish (TSX.V:FISH) Sells Tocaninzinho NSR To Metalla (TSX:MTA)

Nexus Gold (TSX.V: NXS) Begins Airborne Survey at New Pilot

Gold Mountain (TSXV:GMTN) Appoints Dr. Quinton Hennigh

Nexus Gold (TSX.V: NXS) Plans For Extensive Drilling In Red Lake

Nubian (TSX.V: NBR) Exploration Update – Victoria, Australia

Mako Mining (TSX.V:MKO) Next High-Grade Gold Mine - Nicaragua

Sun Summit (TSX.V: SMN) Plans To Drill 5,000m Near Discovery Hole

Excellon (TSX:EXN) Hits 1,422g/t Silver EQ Over 8.9m at Platosa

Excellon (NYSE/TSX:EXN) Hits 1,043g/t Ageq Over 1.3m In Germany

Sailfish (TSX.V:FISH) Leading Royalty and Streaming Company

Quebec Gold: Granada Gold (TSX.V:GGM) Hits 4m of 107.8g/t Gold

Gold Mountain (TSX.V:GMTN) Closes $10M Oversubscribed Financing

Granada Gold (TSX.V: GGM): High-Grade Gold In Quebec

Western US Mining: Stevens Gold (CSE: SG) Exploration Update

British Columbia Gold Miners. Explorers, Developers & Producers

Excellon (NYSE/TSX: EXN) Wealth Creation via Silver Production