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June 15, 2022

Fabled Copper (CSE: FABL)

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Book 6 Copper Occurrence Reports Up To 7.73% Copper In Chip Sampling

Fabled Copper Corp. (“Fabled Copper” or the “Company”) (CSE: FABL; FSE: XZ7) announces additional results of 2021 surface field work on its Muskwa Copper Project. See Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 – General Property Location

The Project is comprised of the Neil Property, the Toro Property and the Bronson Property located in northern British Columbia. See Figure 2 below.

Figure 2 – Location Map

Peter Hawley, President, CEO reports; “ The Bronson property comprises 4 mineral tenures

covering approximately 2,524.6 hectares where the key objectives of the 2021 work program were to:

i) Carry out a field campaign consisting of reconnaissance prospecting across the Bronson claims.

ii) Complete a focused program at the Book 6 vein target consisting of detailed sampling, Very Low Frequency Electromagnetic and ground magnetometer geophysical surveys and a UAV photogrammetry survey.

iii) Conduct alteration mineral mapping and targeting using Visible Near Infrared (VNIR) Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) and Thermal Infrared (TIR) Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) multispectral satellite data.” See Figure 3 below.

Figure 3 - Bronson Property, Book 6 Location

A total of 56 person days were spent on the property with 199 rock samples taken on 7 areas prospects which are the; Book 6, Book 9, B00k 10, 428 Central, 428 South, PJ105 and PJ100. See Figure 4 below.

Figure 4 – Bronson Property, Area of 2021 Prospecting

We previously reported on the Book 6 property where an unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry survey was conducted over the Book 6 vein target resulting in

(i) Generate high resolution photogrammetry datasets for the vein target to better understand bedrock controls on copper mineralization.

(ii) Generate high resolution Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) to assist with 3D modelling of the targets.

(iii) Generate baseline imagery to record current state of surface disturbance at sites that will be actively explored in coming years.

The data generated was used for in-field targeting of visual copper occurrences on the color orthophoto due to the 3 cm resolution which led to field examination of the mineralization and the sampling of the Book 6 vein where a total of 113 samples were collect as a first pass evaluation. Press link here to view Bronson Property Book 6 Vein drone flight mission.

The Book 6 veining is exposed striking southward along a relatively flat-lying valley at elevations of 1,988 to 1,912 meters. A total of 113 rock samples, 11 grab samples, (7 float samples and 95 chip samples), were collected along the exposed veining and in the surrounding areas. See Photo 1 below.

Photo 1 – Bronson Property, Book Vein as Seen by Helicopter

Two veins, labelled the Main & the West, were systematically chip sampled at various locations south along the veining. Each section was chained (measured) southward from sample D-723035 at the north end of the mineralized Main Vein. The section assays and averages are presented in Table 1 below.

The Main Vein was chip sampled along 68 meters, at widths of 0.50 to 1.60 m. (sections 0 to 68 meters South). The Main Vein strikes 177 to 181 degrees through sheared sediments and dips steeply to the west. At its southern end where it is intruded by a northwesttrending dyke, the vein slightly bends to the east-southeast. Chalcopyrite concentrations of up 10% were observed in the samples, but generally the chalcopyrite content is around 1%. See Figures 5, 6 below.

Figure 5 – Bronson Property, Book 6 - Northern Sample Locations and Copper Values

Figure 6 – Bronson Property, Book 6 - Southern Sample Locations and Copper Values

Twelve sections were chip sampled (D-723035-042 & 044-055) along 68 meters. Nine of the 12 sections averaged 0.13 to 0.47% Cu, across widths of 0.65 to 1.40 meters.

Three sections averaged 2.10 to 6.40% Cu:

  • section 31S (samples D-723042 & 044) - 2.83% Cu across 0.70 meters;
  • section 55S (samples D-723052 & 053) – 2.10% Cu across 1.00 meter; and
  • section 68S (samples D-723054 & 055) – 6.36% Cu across 1.60 meters.

Four individual chip samples contained a Cu content of over 1%:

  • samples D-723042 & 044 along section 31S assaying 1.57 and 3.77 % Cu across 0.30 and 0.40 meters, respectively;
  • sample D723053 across 0.60 meters on section 55S assayed 3.44% Cu; and
  • sample D723054 collected across 1.10 meters on section 68S contained 7.73% Cu, See Photo 2 below.

Photo 2 – Bronson Property, Book 6 North Mineralized Vein

The mineralized West Vein is exposed at numerous locations along a length of approximately 400 meters. This vein strikes 175 to 183degrees and dips 85 degrees to the west, is 0.20 to 3.60 meters wide and contains up to 75% massive chalcopyrite & 2% bornite.Galena concentrations of < 1% to 20% were observed in three samples (D-723080, 092 & 116). In the north, the West Vein lies 2 to 10meters west of the Main Vein, and while the Main Vein appears to be cut-off by a northwest trending dyke. The West vein continues southward and is offset to the west at various locations where the dykes are exposed. Fifty-six chip samples (D-723057-069, 077-084,086-095, 097-100, 102-113 & 115-123) were collected across 34 sections from 31S to 411S, at elevations of 1912-1962 meters. See Photo 3 below.

Photo 3 – Bronson Property, Book 6 North Mineralized Vein

Of the 34 sections sampled, 13 sections, collected across widths of 0.20 to 4.70 meters, contained > 1% Cu.

Sections of interest with Cu % / widths include, See Photo 4 below:

  • section 113S - 2.31% Cu/1.00 m.; section 178S - 1.03% Cu/1.30 m.;
  • section 189S – 1.25% Cu/1.00 m.; section 195S – 1.03% Cu/1.20 m.:
  • section 283S – 3.04% Cu/0.90 m.; section 292S – 1.40% Cu/0.9m.;
  • section 295S – 5.38% Cu/0.80 m.; section 322S – 2.62% Cu/0.20 m.;
  • section 325S – 4.18% Cu/0.25 m.; section 363S – 3.19% Cu/0.40 m.;
  • section 407S – 2.10% Cu/4.70 m.; section 409S – 1.26% Cu/2.30 m.;  
  • section 411S – 2.38% Cu/2.30 m.

Photo 4 – Bronson Property, Book 6 North Mineralized Vein Sections of Interest

Eighteen individual chip samples assayed higher than 1% Cu. Of the 56 chip samples taken, 7 (D-723062, 90,107,108,109,117 and 119)were collected from sheared sediments surrounding the vein. Samples D-723117 & 119, of sheared sediments, on sections 407S &409S, contained 0.43% Cu across 1.10 meter and 0.88% Cu across 0.50 meter, respectively.

Lead and Zinc amounts of over 1% and silver amounts over 10 ppm (g/t) were observed in samples:

  • D-723080 – 1.20% Pb across 1.00 m.; D-723084 - 12.90 ppm Ag across 0.50 m.;
  • D-723092 – 7.33% Pb & 55.90 ppm Ag across 0.50 m.; D-723095 – 14 ppm Ag across 0.50 m.;
  • D-723098 – 1.46% Zn across 0.30 m.; D-723099 – 28.40 ppm Ag across 0.50 m.;
  • D-723116 – 1.50% Pb across 1.10 m.; D-723120 – 19.10 ppm Ag across 0.30 m.

Along strike, 30 to 90 meters north of the Main Vein and 30 to 150 meters south of the West Vein, non- mineralized exposures ofquartz-carbonate veining were prospected. In the north, 5 samples (D-723026-028 & 031-032) were collected and to the south 4 samples (D-723124-127) were taken. All these samples assayed < 0.02% Cu.

An exposure of irregular shaped, mineralized (up to 10% chalcopyrite), quartz-carbonate veining was discovered at elevations of 1,871-1,873 meters, 270 meters southeast of the south end of the West Vein. The veining appears to be up to 3.60 meters in width. See Photo 5 below

Photo 5 – Bronson Property, Book 6 West Mineralized Vein

Nine chip samples (D-723128-128 & 131-137) were collected at various orientations, across 3 sections of veining and sediments. Sample D-723131 of vein across 0.80 meters, contained the highest Cu content of 5.42%. The remaining samples assayed < 0.36%Cu. A grab sample (D-723074) of veining was collected 30 meters to the north at an elevation of 1,874 meters. This sample, with 3%sulphides, had a copper assay result of 0.65%.

North and northeast of the Main Vein, numerous, mainly northwest striking tension veins, were sampled. The veins are not mineralized and the 8 samples collected (D-723019-025 & 030 assayed low in Cu, <0.036%. A south trending quartz vein, 350 meters east-northeast of the Main Vein, was grab sampled (D-323029) and contained a low Cu assay of 0.002%.

Mineralized (1% chalcopyrite) float sample (D-723035) collected in a creek, at the south end of the Main Vein assayed 2.45% Copper.

All samples taken were photographic and GPS location taken plus a metal sample tag left in place for future reference if required. All this data plus the assay results were geotagged and placed in a .kml /.kmz file for use such as google earth for easy reference. See Photo 6 below.

Photo 6 – Bronson Property, Book 6 Geotagged data

Going Forwards

Additional releases on the geophysics and structural interpretation results of the Bronson Property, Book 6 copper occurrence will be forth coming in the following weeks.

Disclaimer: Fabled Copper is a paid marketing client*

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