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March 9, 2022

Fabled Copper (CSE: FABL)

Samples Up To 7.69% Cu At Belcher Creek Occurrence


Fabled Copper Corp. (CSE: FABL) has released the ninth set of results of 2021 surface fieldwork on its Muskwa copper project comprising the Neil property and the Toro property in northwestern British Columbia. The company also holds rights to the Bronson property.

Peter Hawley, president, chief executive officer, reports: "We have previously reported our findings on the Lady Luck occurrence, followed by the Mac, the 8A, Harris, the 2a and 2b, the Creek, Keays south and we now turn to the Belcher Creek copper occurrence."

The Belcher Creek copper occurrence consists of a 0.10-metre-wide, slightly mineralized vein and float material where observed.

A total of 8 samples were taken by the team. 2 grabs and 6 floats, were taken over a range in vertical elevation of 114 meters.

Float sample D - 723406 taken at the 1,798 meter elevation consisted of wacke (a type of sandstone), that was light gray in color, weak to moderately sheared with minor specs of malachite copper alteration, quartz and chlorite stringers with less than 1% chalcopyrite as fracture filling. This sample assayed 0.16% copper.

Grab sample D - 723407 was taken 2 meters above in elevation, at 1800 meters, and was composed of white quartz and carbonate veining, some wacke and siltstone fragments, a trace of chalcopyrite. This sample returned 0.06% copper.

Grab sample D - 723408 taken at the 1,804 meter elevation consisted of quartz and iron carbonate veining, with minor sheared wacke with slickensides (fault movement striations), and a trace of sulphides. As expected this sample returned 0.01% copper.

Float sample D - 723409 taken at 1,761 meters, 43 meters vertically lower in elevation, consisted of quartz carbonate, was vuggy with minor dissolution cavities, in parts of platy texture, abundant malachite copper alteration, trace goethite (low temperature iron found in sediments) and 3-5% chalcopyrite as massive patches, blebs and disseminated. This sample returned 7.69% copper but also 49.80 g/t silver. It is quite unusual to have silver in this area.

Float sample D - 723410 taken downhill at 1,717 meters vertically consisted of siltstone and shale and was weathered rusty brown with 8% pyrite as pod like patches. This sample returned 0.04% copper.

Float sample D - 723414 taken at 1,710 meters elevation consisted of weakly sheared wacke, weathered rusty dark brown and orange yellow, minor quartz carbonate blebs with trace of sulphides. This sample returned 0.01% copper as expected.

Float sample D - 723415 taken at the 1,690 meter elevation consisted of wacke, weathered rusty brown to red / blue / purple in color with 5% pyrite as fracture filling, in patches and disseminated. This sample returned 0.04% copper.

Float sample D - 723416 of quartzite was taken at the 1,740 meter elevation and was fresh pink to red with flecs of light green, moderate hematite alteration, and one micro seam of dark chlorite, moderate malachite and no apparent sulphides. This sample reported 0.16% copper.

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