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April 6, 2022

Fabled Copper (CSE: FABL)

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Samples Up To 27.2% Copper At Muskwa


Fabled Copper (CSE: FABL) has released the 11th set of results of 2021 surface fieldwork on its Muskwa copper project comprising the Neil property and the Toro property in Northern British Columbia. The company also holds rights to the Bronson property.

Peter Hawley, president and chief executive officer, reports: "A total of 19 specific areas were mapped and prospected during the 2021 field season and we have previously reported our findings on the Lady Luck occurrence in the south end of the Neil property, followed by the Mac, the 8A, Harris, the 2a and 2b, the Creek, Keays south, Belcher Creek, the Magnum drone survey mission and now the Magnum mine copper deposit."
Figure 2- Neil Property, Magnum Mine Copper Deposit Location

Mineralization at the Magnum deposit consists of varying proportions of ankerite, quartz, chalcopyrite and pyrite, in partly replaced remnants of the sedimentary host rock.

To date a total of 10 veins have been identified, varying in width from less than three feet (0.9 metre) up to 25 feet (7.6 metres), showing continuity on strike and at depth. The main developed veins are nearly vertical.

Photo 1 – Magnum Vein Outcrop

The main haulage, 5,200-foot Level adit and the remaining adits into the Magnum vein were inspected. The blocked entrances of six adits and one opening (possibly a cave adit) were located and 20 samples of the exposed Magnum vein were taken over a vertical elevation of 332 metres.

A large (0.4-metre-by-0.4-metre) piece of highly mineralized rubble was discovered on an old road 300 m south of the main haulage adit. Sample D723266 of this rubble contained 90 per cent chalcopyrite, 3 per cent bornite and cobalt bloom and assayed an impressive 27.2 per cent copper. See the "Magnum deposit surface samples" table.

Photo 2 – Rubble Sample D - 723266

The Magnum vein was sampled at three locations along the northwest facing slope, approximately 400 m east of Magnum Creek. The northern most exposure was sampled at an elevation of 1,903 metres. At this area the vein is 2.00 metres wide and strikes 40 degrees, dipping vertically in sheared sediments.

A 2.30-metre section containing two metres of vein (samples D-723373-375) and 0.30 metre of foot wall sediments averaged 6.43 per cent copper. The 2.0-metre section of vein alone without the low-grade foot wall sediments contained a copper average of 7.380 per cent. See the "Magnum deposit surface samples" table.

A high-grade grab sample (D-723377) of the vein, collected one-metre to the north, contained 95 per cent massive chalcopyrite and assayed 25.10 per cent copper and 11.9 parts per million (ppm) silver. See the "Magnum deposit surface samples" table.

Five hundred to 530 metres along strike to the southwest, between the two 5,900-foot adits, two exposures were sampled. The two exposures strike 40 degrees and dip 85 degrees and are located 30 metres apart at elevations of approximately 1,866 and 1,834 metres.

In the north, the vein is one metre to 1.30 metres in width and contains 1 to 3 per cent chalcopyrite with the hanging wall comprising sediments and quartz-carbonate stringers. Five chip samples (D-723382-386) were collected across three sections with the average Cu grades across each section being: vein and hanging wall -- 0.67 per cent/2.30 metres, (D-723385 and 386) and 0.34 per cent/2.10 metres, (D-723383 and 384) and just vein -- 0.31 per cent/1.00 m (D-723382).

Thirty metres farther along strike to southwest, at an elevation of 1,834 metres, two sections of the vein and surrounding stringer zones were chip sampled (D-723387 and 389-392). The 1.20-to-1.30-metre-wide vein is exposed along 15 metres, dips subvertically and is mineralized with 3 to 5 per cent chalcopyrite. The northern, 1.60-metre-wide section (D-723387 and 389), averages 6.704 per cent Cu, with the 1.30-metre-wide chip sample of the vein containing 8.09 per cent Cu. The southern 2.30-metre-wide section (D-72390-392) averages 2.50 per cent Cu, with the 1.20-metre-wide vein assaying 4.37 per cent Cu. See the "Magnum deposit surface samples" table.

On the road to the main haulage adit a 40-degree striking 0.8-metre-wide vein is exposed. This vein contains 2 per cent chalcopyrite and 0.96 per cent Cu. Four heavily mineralized (up to 25 per cent chalcopyrite) samples (D-723371, 372, 379 and 381) of quartz-carbonate rubble/float were sampled downslope from the adits, at elevations of 1,755 to 1,802 metres.

Samples D-723371, 372 and 381 also contained a high pyrite content of 30 to 80 per cent and assayed 3.4 per cent to 14.4 per cent copper. Sample D-723379, with no pyrite and 20 per cent chalcopyrite, contained 11.45 per cent copper. See the "Magnum deposit surface samples" table.

As discussed in the previous release of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone work on the Magnum, the data generated were used for in-field targeting of visual copper occurrences on the colour orthophoto due to the three-centimetre resolution which lead to field examination of the mineralized unit to sampling of the Magnum vein, where a total of 20 samples were collect as a first pass evaluation.

The drone video and orthophoto was used to determine where to sample this sped up the boots on the ground process and also, once sampled, the data obtained was plotted with GPS co-ordinates on the orthophoto below.

Figure 10- 2021 Magnum Sample Locations Plotted On 3-D Tilt Digital, Red Line Vein Trace

In addition to the sample locations, the copper assay values were not only plotted on the orthophoto but geotagged with all relevant information and incorporated into a .KMZ format to be used with general global position systems such as Google Earth.

Going forward

Using the results of the data gathered by the UAV drone in the 2021 field season the field crew will further sample in detail and map the Magnum deposit in addition to traversing the southeast side of the hill side to investigate the silica anomalies. Once drill permits are received this will be one of the drill target areas.

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