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June 8, 2022

Fabled Copper (CSE: FABL)

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Reports On Uav Drone Mission On The Bronson Property Book 6 Copper Occurrence

Fabled Copper Corp. ("Fabled Copper" or the "Company") (CSE:FABL) (FSE:XZ7) announces additional results of 2021 surface field work on its Muskwa Copper Project

Figure 1 - General Property Location

Junior Mining Network
Figure 2 - Location Map
Peter Hawley, President, CEO reports; "To date we have reported on the sampling of 14 copper occurrences, related drone UAV missions and ground geophysics on the Neil Property. This completes the 2021 work on the Neil and now we will report on the 2021 work on the Bronson property to the south of the Neil." See Figure 3 below.
Junior Mining Network

The Bronson property comprises 4 mineral tenures covering approximately 2,524.6 hectares where the key objectives of the 2021 work program were to:

i) Carry out a field campaign consisting of reconnaissance prospecting across the Bronson claims.

ii) Complete a focused program at the Book 6 vein target consisting of detailed sampling, Very Low Frequency Electromagnetic and ground magnetometer geophysical surveys and a UAV photogrammetry survey.

iii) Conduct alteration mineral mapping and targeting using Visible Near Infrared (VNIR), Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) and Thermal Infrared (TIR) Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) multispectral satellite data.

A total of 56 person days were spent on the property with 199 rock samples taken on 7 areas prospects which are the; Book 6, Book 9, B00k 10, 428 Central, 428 South, PJ105 and PJ100. See Figure 4 below.

Junior Mining Network

We will begin our discussion of the Bronson property with the Book 6 property where an unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry survey was conducted over the Book 6 vein target on August 14, 2021. The purpose of the UAV photogrammetry survey was to:

(i) Generate high resolution photogrammetry datasets for the vein target to better understand bedrock controls on copper mineralization.

(ii) Generate high resolution Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) to assist with 3D modelling of the targets.

(iii) Generate baseline imagery to record current state of surface disturbance at sites that will be actively explored in coming years.

Equipment used to carry out UAV photogrammetry surveys consisted of a DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 optical 20-megapixel camera drone with both a mechanical shutter and an upgraded rover L1/L2 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver. A multi - frequency Sunnav G10 base station was set to allow for PPK corrections of the UAV rover receiver location information. See Figure 5 below.

Figure 5 - Bronson Property, Book 6 UAV Drone Survey Equipment

Junior Mining Network

A GNSS base station was setup in the center of the mapping area prior to surveying. The area was traversed on foot to conduct line-of-site photogrammetry surveys on August 14, 2021. Ground control point (GCP) data were acquired during surveying. Four terrain-following UAV missions were carried out to survey the Book 6 target. A total of 861 photographs were acquired during surveying and the final GSD`s (resolution) were 3.02 cm for the orthomosaic and 6.04 cm for the digital surface model (DSM). Final spatial resolution of the DSM is dependent on the level of detail in point cloud generation. For the Book 6 survey area, a finer resolution DSM was generated due to the more subdued relief. See Figure 6 below.

Figure 6 - Bronson Property, Book 6 UAV Drone Mission Survey Area Data Points

Junior Mining Network

Data products generated included 3 cm resolution color orthophoto mosaics, Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM). Hillshade models were also generated for each target area. For the Hillshade model an illumination of 315 degrees was applied with 6 cm resolution. Survey grade accuracy for the final model's horizontal accuracy was 3.02 - 6.02 cm and final model vertical accuracy was 6.04 - 18.12 cm. See Figures 7, 8 below.

Figure 7- Bronson Property, Book 6 Color Orthophoto Digital Model, 3 cm Resolution

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Figure 8- Bronson Property, Book 6 Hill Shade Digital Model, 6 cm Resolution

Junior Mining Network

The data generated was used for in-field targeting of visual copper occurrences on the color orthophoto due to the 3 cm resolution which led to field examination of the mineralization and the sampling of the Book 6 vein where a total of 113 samples were collect as a first pass evaluation. Press link here to view Bronson Property Book 6 Vein drone flight mission.

Going Forwards

Using the results of the data gathered by the UAV drone mission in the 2021 field season the field crew will further evaluate the Book 6 copper occurrence.

Additional releases on the Book 6 sampling and ground geophysics. property will be forth coming in the following weeks.

QA QC Procedure

Analytical results of sampling reported by Fabled Copper Corp represent rock samples submitted by Fabled Copper Corp staff directly to ALS Chemex, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Samples were crushed, split, and pulverized as per ALS Chemex method PREP-31, then analyzed for ME-ICP61 33 element package by four acid digestion with ICP-AES Finish. ME-GRA21 method for Au and Ag by fire assay and gravimetric finish, 30g nominal sample weight.

Over Limit Methods

For samples triggering precious metal over-limit thresholds of 10 g/t Au or 100 g/t Ag, the following is being used:

Au-GRA21 Au by fire assay and gravimetric finish with 30 g sample.

Ag-GRA21 Ag by fire assay and gravimetric finish.

Fabled Copper Corp. monitors QA/QC using commercially sourced standards and locally sourced blank materials inserted within the sample sequence at regular intervals.

About Fabled Copper Corp.

Fabled Copper is a junior mining exploration company. Its current focus is to creating value for stakeholders through the exploration and development of its existing copper properties located in northern British Columbia. The Muskwa Project comprises a total of 76 claims in two non-contiguous blocks and totals approximately 8,064.9 hectares, located in the Liard Mining Division in northern British Columbia.

Mr. Peter J. Hawley, President and C.E.O.
Fabled Copper Corp.
Phone: (819) 316-0919

Disclaimer: Fabled Copper is a paid marketing client*

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