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May 1, 2022

Fabled Copper (CSE: FABL)

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Locates New Copper Discovery Based On Geophysics And Increases Land Package By An Additional 2,924.43 Hectares

Fabled Copper Corp. (“Fabled Copper” or the “Company”) (CSE: FABL; FSE: XZ7) announces the results of the 2021 surface field work on it’s Muskwa Copper Project where pure geophysics and boots on the ground exploration has led to the discovery of what is believed to be the possible Neil vein extension.

Figure 1 – General Location

The Muskwa Project is comprised of the Neil Property and the Toro Property in British Columbia. The Company also holds rights to the Bronson Property. See Figure 1 below.

Figure 2 – Property Locations Map

Peter Hawley, President, CEO reports; A total of 19 specific areas were mapped and prospected during the 2021 field season and we started the New Year by reporting our findings on the Lady Luck occurrence in the south end of the Neil Property, followed by the Mac; the 8A, Harris, the 2a and 2b, the Creek, Keays south, Belcher Creek, the Magnum Mine UAV Done Mission, the Magnum, the Neil Area UAV Drone Mission ,the Neil vein / breccia and now the newly discovered EM-1 copper Occurrence, see Figure 2 below.

Figure 3- EM-1 Copper Occurrence Location


We know that the Neil vein / breccia is coincident with the shear zone next to a large mafic diabase dike, which formed a resistant spur. The dyke and the shear zone are important as they host a discontinuous series of mineralized quartz-carbonate veins, occurring at or close to the dike's contacts in the shear zone.

Targeting geophysical signatures on strike for the possible extension of the Neil vein / breccia using magnetics (mag) and electromagnetics (EM) plus high-level GIS data compilation led the team to examine one particular target late in the season.

The mag signature indicates a shallower – high intensity linear magnetic features which was thought to represent magnetic diabase dikes that could have associated copper mineralization. The reduced to pole mag shows what is interpreted to be a deep-seated magnetic body with shallower mafic (magnetic) linear bodies (diabase dikes with copper?). The three main conductors which are part of the deep-seated magnetic body are conductive enough to persist thru early time (channel 4) – mid time (channel 10) – late time (channel 16) the deepest penetrating. See Figures 3 – 7 below.

Figure 3 – Magnetics geophysics

Figure 4 – Reduced to pole magnetics

Figure 5 – Early time EM response

Figure 6 – Mid time EM response

Figure 7 – Late time Deep EM response

Once the EM-1 target was identified, on September 6, 2021 the exploration team’s two senior geologist flew to the area and due to warm weather, glacial retreat had resulted in at least 200 meters of additional exposure in this area. It should be noted that there had been no copper occurrences documented in this area.

The airborne EM anomaly (EM-1), is located in a valley and is situated 200 m. east of the creek flowing eastward into Yedhe Creek on strike approximately 1.5 kilometers from the Neil vein / breccia occurrence. See Figure 8, Photo 1 below.

Figure 8 – EM-1 Anomaly location and % Copper sample taken

Photo 1 – EM-1 location, note retreating snow cap.

Two veins were observed on a northeast facing slope, near the beginning of the valley, 900 meters south-southwest from the anomaly. Because of time restraints and topography, the exposures were not prospected. While prospecting downslope, from a location of 200 meters north of the exposures, 8 samples (D-723533 - 537 & 539 - 542) of mineralized quartz-carbonate float were collected at elevations of 1475-1600 meters which assayed from as low as  0.71% copper to a high of 10.55% copper. See Table 1, Photo 2 below.

Three of the samples (D-723541, 535 & 536) contained greater than 1.23% Cu, with sample D-723536, of veining with massive chalcopyrite and bornite, exhibiting a high copper content of 10.55%. See Photo 2 below.

Photo 2 – Area of sampling, note probable vein location and Geologist for scale.

In addition, the photos, sample locations and all assay data pertaining to the assay taken, (36 elements) were tagged in a geo tag format for plotting in .kml / .kmz GIS systems such as Google Earth. See Photo 3 below.

Photo 3 – EM-1– .kml / .kmz Geo Tags, 36 element assays

Going Forwards

The positive results from the prospecting or ground truthing of the EM-1 geophysical anomaly and related copper veining found, the team will re-evaluate this area in further detail during the summer of 2022 plus this will be a potential UAV drone mission to gather additional data. The Company has increased its land holding by an additional 2,924.43 hectares due to positive findings as we process the data from 2021.

Mr. Peter J. Hawley, President and C.E.O.

Fabled Copper Corp.

Phone: (819) 316-0919

Disclaimer: Fabled Copper is a paid marketing client*

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